Development Updates

Play Meet Your Maker for Free + Sector 1: Dreadshore is out now


Our first major DLC, free trials to enjoy, discounts on the game, and a ton of gameplay updates—there’s a lot to look forward to in Meet Your Maker!

To celebrate the launch of Sector 1: Dreadshore, we’re welcoming new Custodians to the fray with a free trial of Meet Your Maker and offering all players a chance to claim Sector 1: Dreadshore content for free.

Get the low down on all the exciting updates we have to share.

Free Trials + Discounts

From June 27th to July 3rd, join Custodians around the world for a free trial of Meet Your Maker. Players will be able to download and play Meet Your Maker for free on both PlayStation and Steam , including new content from Sector 1: Dreadshore.

If you were thinking about playing, now's the perfect time to give it a shot. If you already play but have friends you want to get hooked too, this is the time. Rest assured, Outposts and progress made during the free trial are carried over for players who later buy the game.


Played the free trial and hungry for more? We’ve got a slew of current and incoming discounts on all platforms to help welcome you to the wasteland.

Steam June 27th – July 13th

  • 25% off Base Game
  • 25% off Deluxe Edition
  • 35% off Scorched Necropolis DLC

PlayStation June 21st – July 5th

  • 25% off Base Game
  • 35% off Scorched Necropolis DLC
  • Additional 15% discount for PS+ subscribers

Xbox June 27th – July 13th

  • 25% off Deluxe Edition

Xbox July 27th – August 1st

  • 25% off Base Game

August 1st – August 14th

  • 35% off Scorched Necropolis


New DLC - Sector 1: Dreadshore

Sector 1: Dreadshore takes players to a brand-new environment unlike anything seen before in Meet Your Maker. Put your twisted creativity to the test with a themed Deco Pack, Arsenal Pack, and a Cosmetic Pack that will help take your next Outpost to deadly new heights.

For more information on what Sector 1: Dreadshore has to offer, visit our product page.

Claim for FREE: In celebration of the release of our first Sector, we’re inviting players to claim the Sector 1 Arsenal Pack for FREE from June 27th to July 10th to gain instant access to all the deadly new tools at your disposal.

New Environment: Dreadshore


On the murky remains of the new England coastline lies Dreadshore. A mysterious lighthouse shines in the distance, home to a sinister Sanctuary that conducted unspeakable experiments on its prisoners in the name of progress.

New Deco Pack: Tempest Cove


A Deco Pack matching the visual themes of Dreadshore. Rusted metal railings, water-damaged wood, bellows that fill and deflate, and a set of decals featuring the salt-worn designs of a coastal shelter will give Builders the freedom to create a completely new atmosphere for their Outposts.


Sector 1 Arsenal Pack

Add-on content, purchasable via Platform stores or unlockable via playtime

Add-on content, purchasable via Platform Stores or unlockable via playtime The Sector 1 Arsenal Pack expands your toolbox with 4 vicious implements of death including a new trap, guard, Custodian, and weapon. Master these lethal additions and make sure no Raider survives your next creation.

New Custodian: Nautlius

A Custodian suit with disturbing origins tied to the lighthouse Sanctuary. With its hulking frame, the Nautilus enhances the effects of defensive weaponry.

New Trap: Sentry Beam

Developed to contain the lighthouse Sanctuary's prisoners, it uses motion tracking to lock onto a target and emit a narrow beam of super-heated amplified light. Should the beam miss, it ricochets multiple times, causing even more damage.

New Guard: Ravager

A disturbing byproduct of the lighthouse Sanctuary’s genetic experiments, the Ravager simultaneously fires several shots, for a scattershot attack that’s more difficult to evade than a single bolt.

New Weapon: Demolition Cannon

Powerful and portable, the Demolition Cannon delivers an explosive payload in a reusable shell for a localized blast that causes tremendous damage.

Sector 1 Cosmetic Collection

Add-On Content, purchasable via Platform Stores

Delve deeper into the Dreadshore with cosmetics inspired by the lighthouse Sanctuary and the lone prisoner to escape its sinister clutches.


Gameplay Improvements

Alongside all our new content, we’ve also made several key improvements and balance updates to the game. As always, community feedback was a key driver in these updates as we work towards creating the best possible Meet Your Maker experience.

Keep Your Bases Online Indefinitely

Our system was originally designed to prioritize an ever-changing stream of bases, but we understand it can be difficult to have an Outpost you’ve poured your heart and soul into moved to Social Raiding where fewer players may see it. Mastered bases can now be refilled an infinite amount of time for a Synthite cost, keeping them in the main rotation indefinitely. This update should better reward your efforts while also improving the quality of the map pool at any given time.

Force Quits and Disconnects Now Equal Kills

Nothing’s better than seeing your perfect trap placement play out with a brutal kill. We want to make sure that Builders always get rewarded for the kills they’ve earned. With the newest update, the game will now recognize kills against Raiders who force quit or otherwise disconnect from the game. This ensures that players not only get an accurate representation of how deadly their base is, but that they’re accurately rewarded for their creativity and hard work.

Rebalance of Ranking Tiers

To address feedback about the unclear nature of progressing through ranking tiers, we're changing how point totals are awarded and rebalancing the ranking tiers. With this update, the number of points you earn will no longer be modified by your rank relative to the opposing Builder or Raider; points earned for raiding will be based solely on difficulty and number of deaths. This change, along with an adjustment to the tier lengths will result in a more streamlined, logically structed progression matching the difficulty of each tier.

Updated Onboarding and Free Phoenix Pods

The wasteland may be a place of brutality and fear, but we want to make sure that your introduction to the game is as forgiving as possible. Based on player feedback, we’ve smoothed out the tutorial to help players better prepare for the challenge ahead. Players will also now start the game with 25 Phoenix Pods in their inventory. Phoenix Pods give players one opportunity to revive during a r aid for a much-needed confidence boost when tackling more difficult bases.

The world of Meet Your Maker would be nothing without our creative, vibrant community, and we’re always looking to improve the experience for you players. For more info on these or our many other gameplay updates, check out our full patch notes.

Sector 1: Dreadshore is out now. We can’t wait to see the new bases and raiding strategies players conjure up.

The Meet Your Maker team.