Development Updates

Meet Your Maker Mid-Sector Update - Rising Tides


Sector 1: Dreadshore introduced players to a new environment, expanding the game’s deadly toolbox with all-new avenues of creativity. Now, through the oppressive haze of the Dreadshore’s fog, something new approaches on the rising tide.

Our first Mid-Sector update washes ashore on August 15th with exciting new features, content, improvements, and more. Here’s a deep dive on what’s headed your way in Rising Tides.

New Features and Updates

Social Raiding Now Enabled for Every Outpost

We’re revamping the Social Raids system to improve the visibility and shareability of the awesome Meet Your Maker Outposts our players have been cooking up.

With this update, every Activated Outpost will automatically have the Social Raid status enabled, meaning that they will always be searchable from the Social Raid menu at the Command Center. If you’ve been itching to try more of your favorite Builder’s content, or show off your masterpieces to the world, it’s now much easier to do so.

Progression and rewards will still be tied to the Outposts raided from the standard Raid Map, not Social, but this update will give Raiders easier access to our community’s amazing creations while Builders will be able to share their levels without worrying about losing out on standard raid rewards.

Introduction of Daily Challenges

The Chimera needs to be fed, Custodian, and this update changes how you do it.

With Risings Tides, a Daily Challenges system for Raiders will be introduced, replacing the current Chimera Tribute system. Raiders will now have a steady stream of exciting new tasks to complete and will be rewarded for doing so. In addition to leveling up the Chimera, these challenges also improve gameplay variety by encouraging the use of different mechanics and strategies. Who knows? You just may discover a new favorite raiding loadout .

And as always, the Chimera thanks you.


New Gameplay Content

5 New Mods and Augments

To keep Builders and Raiders on their toes, we’re deploying 5 new Mods and Augments for your toolbox. We’ve seen first-hand how quickly the community creates when they have new tools to work with and we're excited to see how these latest additions will shake up life for Custodians in the wasteland. All of the new Mods and Augments will be purchasable with in-game currency.


Death Piston— Pulverize

  • Increases the frequency of the Death Piston

Incinerator— Firestorm

  • Increases the duration of the Incinerator flames.

Grapple Trap— Self-Destruct

  • Trap explodes soon after being destroyed.

Sentry Beam— Burst Beam

  • Trap activates quicker, but the duration of the beam is reduced.


Cannonback – Grand Sacrifice

  • Guard explodes after a delay when in close proximity to the player

Rising Tides Paint Kit

To further push the themes of the Dreadshore, the Rising Tides Paint Kit will be instantly available for all players. A common request by our community, you’ll soon be able to deck out any block with three new solid-color decals.


UI improvement and bug fixes

Finally, we’ve made some UI refinements that should improve clarity on the Raid Map and Rank Points Summary screens, along with several bug fixes and balances. More info on those can be found on our patch notes page when the update arrives.

Future plans

For Custodians wondering what’s next for Meet Your Maker, here’s a small tease of what’s to come. Sector 2 will be called Shattered Peak and it's right around the corner.


In the meantime, the Rising Tides Mid-Sector update goes live on August 15th.