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Meet your Maker: Dreadshore Lore


Meet Your Maker’s first major content update is almost here. Sector 1: Dreadshore not only introduces a new environment and themed Deco Pack available to all players, but a full Arsenal Pack complete with a new trap, guard, Custodian, and weapon. In celebration of the release of our first Sector we’re inviting players to claim the Sector 1 Arsenal Pack for FREE from June 27th to July 10th and gain instant access to all the deadly new tools at your disposal. Read on to learn how they connect to the Dreadshore’s dark history.

The world of Meet Your Maker is one teeming with diverse areas, each ravaged in their own unique way by the plague that destroyed humankind, each filled with history and horrors to unravel.

Far from the Red Sands, in the muck and mire of the barren New England coastline, lies a Sanctuary where a Custodian and Chimera did unspeakable things in the name of progress. Outwardly, it stood as a beacon of hope. Beneath the surface was only darkness.

Welcome to the lighthouse. Welcome to Dreadshore.

New Environment: Dreadshore

On the murky remains of New England’s coastline lies the Dreadshore. In the distance, a lighthouse beacon shines bright, cutting through the fog and gloom. Where once there was a prosperous port, only rusted scrap metal, salt-stained wooden planks, and industrial waste remain.

Situated within this repurposed lighthouse is a Sanctuary hiding a dark secret. Deep beneath its muddy exterior lay a vast network of prisons and laboratories, where revolting scientific experiments were carried out.

W hen weary travelers came in search of shelter, the Chimera and Custodian abducted them, killed them, and used their Genmat to develop clones of their Advisors. They then subjected these prisoners to horrific trials in unorthodox attempts to develop a cure for the corrugenic virus. Whether the two were following orders or devised the experiments on their own is unknown.

A search of the now-abandoned Sanctuary revealed the Chimera and Custodian’s mangled bodies among a pile of corpses. A mysterious figure known as Nautilus is believed to have been responsible.


New Custodian: Nautilus

As the final screams echoed and died from within the lighthouse, locals say a hulking figure emerged from the Sanctuary, dripping blood, and wearing what resembled an ancient diving suit. The figure became an urban legend: Nautilus, a man from the depths who came to drown the last of humanity.

Years later, investigation of the lighthouse Sanctuary’s computers uncovered blueprints of a Fortalis Suit resembling the legendary figure. The suit appeared to have been developed by an unknown prisoner tasked with maintaining routine duties in the Sanctuary. Evidence pointed to the suit being created by the prisoner to improve their chance of survival, whether to escape the facility, or wreak bloody revenge on his captors.
What became of Nautilus after their final sighting is unknown.


New Trap: Sentry Beam

The Sentry Beam was developed by the lighthouse to help contain its population of captive test subjects.

In stark contrast to the lighthouse beacon which once shone a way forward, the Sentry Beam served a much more sinister purpose. It acted as a deadly security system, ensuring that all Sanctuary secrets and prisoners were kept within the facility’s confines. Emitting a narrow beam of super-heated amplified light, its precision tracking and rapid delivery made it the perfect deterrent for any prisoner tempted to step out of line. Should the beam miss its mark, it ricochets several times, providing even more opportunity for a punishing kill.

Data suggests that no more than one captive escaped the Sanctuary under the Sentry Beam’s watchful eye.


New Guard: Ravager

As their experiments grew larger in scale, the lighthouse Sanctuary’s Chimera and Custodian kept pace with new and exceedingly brutal security measures, creating a terrifying living deterrent for any prisoner thinking of escape.

The Ravager was a result of one of the Sanctuary’s failed cloning experiments. What emerged was disturbing but highly efficient and aggressive. Harnessing this new creation, fear and order in the lighthouse were brought to terrifying new depths.

Incorporating its unusual defects to make it even more lethal, the Ravager’s visor alters its vision to display multiple blurred targets, even if only one is present. It fires simultaneously at each apparent target, causing a scattershot attack that makes evasion nearly impossible, and collateral damage almost certain.


New Weapon: Demolition Cannon

The Demolition Cannon was developed by the American military but due to growing corruption and individual opportunism, the technology soon found its way around the world. When revolts swept the globe, the weapon became more commonly used as a savage anti-protest tool than an implement of war.

Powerful and portable, the Demolition Cannon delivers an explosive payload in a reusable shell causing tremendous damage.

Having made its way to the Dreadshore, a Demolition Cannon was locked up within the lighthouse’s armory. The intent: to be used as a last resort should the prisoners somehow revolt and bypass the Sanctuary’s defenses.

During his blood-soaked escape, the Nautilus came across the weapon and used it to decimate any who stood in his path.


Sector 1: Dreadshore launches on June 27th. Play Meet Your Maker now and start planning your deadly new builds.